Pet Behavior Training

Dog training 101

  • Barking at friends & neighbors

    • Try immediate correction and diversion to another activity

    • Take your dog to another room, then reward him after a few seconds of quiet

    • Try teaching a “speak” command

    • Once this is learned, teach “quiet”

  • Jumping on people, furniture and doors

    • When your dog jumps up, move back and say “sit”

    • When your dog complies, reward this behavior by stroking his/her sides

    • Avoid constant use of negative commands

    • If your commands are ignored, keep your dog on a leash at all times and revisit the basics of “sit” and “heel”

  • Begging for food

    • Never reward your dog with human food

    • Put your dog in a “down” or “sit-stay” position some distance from your table

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